RUG ART BY STELLA emerged partly from the desire to show my range of drawings in a large format and partly from finding a rug in the ideal colors to suit the furnishing style and the accompanying art.

For me, a rug should not only fit into a room, but also make a design statement, an item that gives a room its own distinctive character.

The whole thing must be versatile so that different colors and patterns come to the fore in summer compared to winter.

While I was looking for a variety of production firms that could still hand make knotted rugs, I came across a Dutch firm with its own production centers in India and Nepal. It is important to me to have partners who work under the STEP Fair Trade label.

To allow us to keep the colors as intense as possible, but also to balance production of the products in terms of sustainability, high-value yarns (silk, wool, and TENCEL®) are dyed in Austria using natural dyes.

My new business partners were delighted with my designs, as complicated as they were, and were very ready to support me in my desire to switch over to using them.

And so the first unique RUG ART BY STELLA pieces were created which I believe are really something special.

At Tendence 2017 we exhibited our products together for the first time as Scherer Design Concept in the "Rugs & Jewelry" combination.

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